Kartik Aryan taking a sabbatical ?

After the record-breaking success of the horror comedy, Kartik Aaryan, who is riding the popularity of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, is taking a sabbatical. I made that movie because it was slated to be released on OTT, according to Kartik Aaryan.

Recently, the actor disclosed in an exclusive interview that in addition to being aware of this, he also made the movie with his OTT audience in mind. According to reports, the movie is a dark romantic thriller about love. The Shehzada actor said, “I’m really pleased about it. It’s a beautiful subject.Kartik continued by saying that the movie is currently in the post-production phase. The movie’s specifics will gradually come to light. The actor claims that the OTT platform is still in the development stage.

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