Kartik Aaryan’s Intense Journey to Transform for ‘Chandu Champion’

Actor Shares His Grueling Preparation and Life Changes During Filming

Kartik Aaryan recently opened up about the challenging year and a half he dedicated to preparing for his upcoming film, “Chandu Champion.” In a candid interview with Film Companion, Kartik discussed his physical transformation and the intense preparation that included workshops, training, and strict dietary changes. He revealed how these demands led him to adopt an entirely anti-social lifestyle.

Reflecting on the preparation process, Kartik shared, “I was living an anti-social life. Not that I was very social before, but during this process, I was completely anti-social. And I started liking it… I went to Anees [Bazmee] sir’s set. As soon as I started shooting for ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ and did my first scene, I was told my energy had dropped and I needed to increase it. I kept trying to raise it, but after a while, I felt I was acting too much. I even double-checked with him. Finding the right balance was tough.”

Kartik detailed the extensive efforts needed to embody the real-life persona of his character, explaining, “It was about leaving everything that I was eating. Everything I was then eating was new to me. It was something that never tasted good… This has turned me into a very meditative, positive, spiritual person. Not that I was so negative… I was almost an insomniac. Working out and working out properly without thinking about anything. I followed it for one and a half years, two years and it was a work of patience and perseverance.”

In addition to the mental and dietary challenges, Kartik also underwent rigorous physical training with professional boxers and swimmers to accurately portray his role in the biopic drama. His dedication and commitment to the character are evident in the remarkable transformation showcased in the film’s teaser and advertisements.

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