Kartik Aaryan gains weight for ‘FREDDY’

The youthful actor Kartik Aryan has changed completely, from portraying Rooh Baba in his previous film to Dr. Freddy Ginwala, but it turns out that he has also undergone bodily transformation to play the kind but maniacal dentist.

“Kartik is a person with a genetically thin frame, according to celebrity fitness expert Samir Jaura, who helped the hunk through this change. We therefore understood it would be difficult when he needed to acquire about 14 kg for Freddy. But he really puts in the effort! By adhering to a strict programme of workouts and the proper nutrition, he was able to attain the look well before the deadline. Gaining weight necessitates a carefully monitored procedure because it involves more than just tearing up the muscles or getting ripped. He did an excellent job, and the aesthetic was ideal for the movie.” Said his trainer.

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