‘Kantara’ Director talks about Bollywood

The underdog of the season has been Kantara, a multilingual film from Rishab Shetty. This action thriller, which was originally produced in Kannada and is based on local folklore and customs, is now the second-highest grossing Kannada movie of all time and one of the highest-earning Indian movies of 2022. Everyone is still gushing about the cinematic experience of the movie since word of mouth worked so well in the movie’s favour.

In a recent interview, Rishab discussed the reasons why Hindi movies in the post-pandemic era are unable to work the same magic at the box office. Rishab stated that he does not want Kantara to be recreated in Hindi during a conversation with ETimes. “You must respect the history and culture of these characters in order to play them. I respect a lot of the prominent actors in the Hindi cinema business. However, I have no interest in remakes, “he explained.

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