Kajol’s Brain Boost: The Actress Embraces Neuroplasticity with Anil Kapoor’s Inspiration

Renowned actress Kajol is not just captivating audiences on the screen but also indulging in a fascinating journey of neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity, a process that empowers the brain to adapt and evolve both in structure and function, has become the latest focus of the Bollywood star.

In a recent Instagram video, Kajol can be seen engrossed in an intriguing hand exercise, showcasing her dedication to the concept of neuroplasticity. She posted a video of herself attempting to imitate a pattern, all the while fiddling with her fingers. The unexpected source of inspiration behind this brain-boosting endeavor? None other than the iconic actor Anil Kapoor. Kajol even playfully mentioned it in the caption: “Practicing neuroplasticity…hand exercises for the brain. Inspired by none other than the jhakaas Anil Kapoor #dinadindha.”

Adding a nostalgic touch, Kajol included Anil Kapoor’s classic song “My Name Is Lakhan” from the 1989 film “Ram Lakhan” in the background of her video.

This isn’t the only area where Kajol is keeping herself engaged. The talented actress has been keeping herself busy with a series of back-to-back OTT projects. Notably, her performances in “The Trial” on the web and “Lust Stories 2” on Netflix have garnered significant praise and appreciation from viewers. Her most recent theatrical release was “Salaam Venky.”

Kajol’s upcoming project, “Do Patti,” will see her sharing the screen with Kriti Sanon and Shaheer Sheikh. The film, directed by Shashanka Chaturvedi, boasts a script co-written by co-producer and screenwriter Kanika Dhillon. What makes this venture even more interesting is that it marks the first production under Kriti Sanon’s newly established production company, Blue Butterfly Films.

As Kajol embraces neuroplasticity and continues to impress on the screen, her fans eagerly anticipate her future projects, including “Do Patti,” which promises to be a cinematic treat.

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