Kajol Believes in being Joyful all the TIME

On Wednesday, actress Kajol shared many clips of her laughing on Instagram. She can be seen giggling nonstop throughout the film at several events. Through her clip, she encouraged her followers to never stop laughing.

She uploaded brief videos of her laughter to Instagram Reels. The video starts off with, “My versions of laughter.” With the poster of her most recent film, Salaam Venky, in the background, Kajol appeared in the first half wearing a red top and black headphones. She made a loud laugh. She then appears wearing ethnic clothing and maintaining her open hairstyle from a different film promotion event. She laughed loudly and smiled broadly. She eventually sat on a sofa, grinned, and someone said, “She can be anybody on the screen.”

Kajol posted the video on Instagram , “Sometimes the joke’s on me but most times it’s on someone else (winking face with tongue).”

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