Julia-Louis Dreyfus Cheers Larry David’s Twist Ending in “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

The “Seinfeld” Star Applauds the Meta Finale, Reflecting on Its Clever Departure from Expectations

Julia-Louis Dreyfus, although absent from the finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” that harked back to the closing moments of “Seinfeld,” expresses admiration for Larry David’s creative conclusion to his follow-up series.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Dreyfus exclaims her love for the recent “Curb” ending, appreciating every aspect of it. The finale of the twelfth and final season features a cameo from Jerry Seinfeld, where he and David, portraying fictionalized versions of themselves, make a clever nod to the divisive ending of “Seinfeld.”

In the finale, David’s character is convicted under Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, facing a year in prison until Seinfeld intervenes. Through a twist involving a mistrial due to jury misconduct, David’s character is set free. Seinfeld humorously remarks on the reception of the “Seinfeld” finale, cautioning against disappointing endings.

As they exit the courthouse, the duo reflects on their past show, playfully suggesting that the “Curb” finale could have served as a better conclusion to “Seinfeld.” This departure from convention underscores the creativity and independence of David’s character.

Jeff Schaffer, a longtime collaborator, emphasizes the significance of the finale, stating that it not only wraps up the series but also reflects on David’s entire career. Seinfeld himself expressed excitement for the finale, acknowledging its culmination of a longstanding joke.

Reflecting on the finale, Dreyfus recalls receiving an email from Schaffer, describing it as “amazing” and “sweet.” She compares it to her experience with the “Seinfeld” finale, acknowledging the disappointment some viewers felt. Despite this, she enjoyed the courtroom scene, likening it to watching the show.

Dreyfus, known for her wit, shares her thoughts on the “Curb” finale at the Webby Awards, where she received an award for her podcast. Her blunt acceptance speech reflects her personality, urging listeners to heed the wisdom of older women.

In her acknowledgment of David’s finale, Dreyfus reaffirms her appreciation for innovative storytelling and clever twists, a sentiment echoed by fans and critics alike.

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