John Stamos once rejected Ryan Murphy’s offer???????

John Stamos, an actor best known for playing Jesse Katsopolis on “Full House,” came close to playing a hooker. He said that he once had lunch with Ryan Murphy, the creator of “Glee,” to discuss the possibility of portraying a prostitute who “works on” a couple’s marriage.


“I remember going to lunch with him at The Ivy and we ordered, and I said: ‘So what’s the show?’ And he’s like, ‘Well…’ And this was again, like now if he offered me the show, I’d do it in two seconds. But it was like, ‘Okay, you play a male hooker and you fix the, you sleep with the husband, sleep with the wife, and you kinda work on their marriage,'” he said



The former “General Hospital” actor said, “However, as soon as their appetizers had come, I quickly realized I was not interested in the notion,” adding that Ryan had jocularly likened the proposed programme – which never materialized – to “Charlie’s Angels.”

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