John Oliver Comes Up With New Slogan For HBO Max

“Max, There’s Entertainment In Watching A Company Die!”

John Oliver is not done taking swipes at the decisions being made by “business daddy” Warner Bros. Discovery. On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver came up with a possible slogan for the streaming service Max. During an episode where Oliver talked about cryptocurrency, he showcased a clip of entrepreneur Do Kwon talking about the volatility of companies in the digital currency space.

The late-night host then delivered the Max pitch adding, “Hey, do you like HBO but want ads, the Property Brothers but also don’t like HBO… Max! There’s entertainment in watching a company die!” . Just last week, Oliver classified the streamer rebrand as Warner Bros. Discovery taking “its content purge up a notch and threw the whole HBO out.”

It is a surprise that John Oliver has been given up a free license to roast Warner Bros Disovery and its management as he has been extemely critical of the merger.

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