Jessica Chastain weighs in Iran’s Hijab Row

The Iranian protests are still going on, and actress Jessica Chastain says it’s “really important” for her to spread awareness of them. She has also praised the “women-led revolution” that is taking place in Iran.

The actress from “Good Nurse” brought attention to the murder of Mahsa Amini, 22, by the nation’s morality police in September using her Twitter account. She is now closely monitoring the ongoing response to the shocking incident, which has led to waves of women cutting their hair or removing their head coverings in protest.


She declared: “It’s crucial for me to utilise my position to support anybody who is fighting for freedom, peace, and safety. And I find the current events in Iran to be tragic. As I hope everyone does, I monitor the news every day, and my thoughts are with those girls. The women’s “power” in speaking out was lauded by Chastain, who called their acts “amazing.”

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