Jennifer Lawrence returns to acting in Independent productions

Oscar-winner and Hollywood superstar to star in the independent drama Causeway. This will also serve as the Hollywood star’s producing debut, Jennifer Lawrence portrays a soldier dealing with PTSD and prior trauma.
In the movie, Lynsey, a woman played by Jennifer Lawrence, returns from Afghanistan suffering from a crippling brain damage. Returning reluctantly to her birthplace and mother’s house to heal, she makes an odd bond with a local mechanic and finds solace and healing in it.

The film, which was directed by Lila Neugebauer and was shot prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, brought Jennifer Lawrence’s temporary hiatus from acting to a conclusion.

“I enjoy Marvel and superhero films just as much as the next guy, but there was just something so energizing about it. In reference to the 2010 film that earned Lawrence her first Oscar nomination, “Winter’s Bone,” she stated, “I really hadn’t seen something like that truly since then.

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