Jennifer Garner to Reprise Elektra Role in Deadpool 3, Reuniting with Ryan Reynolds

In an exciting announcement, it has been revealed that Jennifer Garner will be returning to the big screen as the lethal antihero assassin Elektra in the highly anticipated film Deadpool 3, produced by 20th Century Studios, Marvel, and Disney. Garner first portrayed the character in the 2003 film Daredevil, alongside her former husband Ben Affleck. Daredevil, a collaboration between 20th Century Studios and Marvel, proved to be a success, grossing $102 million domestically and $179 million worldwide.

Following her appearance in Daredevil, Garner had the opportunity to star in her own Elektra spinoff movie. Unfortunately, the film did not perform as expected, bringing in only $24 million domestically and $57 million globally. However, the upcoming Deadpool 3 will serve as a chance for Garner to reclaim the iconic role and bring new life to the character.

What makes the reunion even more exciting is the presence of Ryan Reynolds, who will once again be portraying the irreverent and wisecracking Deadpool. The film will also be directed by Shawn Levy, known for his work on The Adam Project, a Netflix movie in which Garner and Reynolds previously collaborated. This reunion of talents promises an exciting and dynamic on-screen chemistry between the actors.

Fans can mark their calendars for May 3, 2024, as that will be the official release date for Deadpool 3. The film is expected to be a major box office success, considering the popularity of the previous Deadpool installments. Combined, the two previous Deadpool movies have grossed an impressive $1.56 billion, indicating the immense anticipation and support surrounding the franchise.

In addition to Jennifer Garner and Ryan Reynolds, other familiar faces will be returning for Deadpool 3. Rob Delaney will reprise his role as Human X-Force Member Peter, Monica Baccarin will return as Vanessa, Stefan Kapicic as Colossus, Brianna Hildebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Shioli Kutsuna as Warhead’s girlfriend Yukio. These returning characters, along with the inclusion of Elektra, promise an action-packed and thrilling adventure for fans of the Deadpool series.

The announcement of Jennifer Garner’s return as Elektra in Deadpool 3 has created a buzz among fans, who eagerly await the release of the film. With a talented cast, a proven director, and the beloved characters from the previous movies, Deadpool 3 is shaping up to be another major success for the Marvel and 20th Century Studios collaboration.

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