Jackie Shroff Shares Heartwarming Anecdote of Rajinikanth’s Humility During ‘Jailer’ Filming

n a candid conversation, Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff opened up about his experience working alongside the legendary actor Rajinikanth in the film “Jailer,” recounting a touching incident that occurred on set. In a recent interview with News18, Shroff revealed that Rajinikanth had sincerely apologized to him during the filming of “Jailer” for inadvertently forgetting to bid him farewell before leaving the set.

Speaking exclusively to News18, Shroff expressed his admiration for Rajinikanth, stating, “Despite the changing times, Rajinikanth Garu (a respectful term) has remained unwavering in his demeanor. His humility and genuine respect for everyone have remained constants throughout the years. He truly stands as the epitome of a humble superstar, transcending the boundaries of mere box office success. Collaborating with him is an enriching experience. On-screen, Rajini Garu transforms into various characters seamlessly, yet the moment he steps out of those roles, his core essence remains unchanged. His signature style, his gait, speech, and even the way he adjusts his glasses – every facet is remarkable.”

Detailing the context behind Rajinikanth’s thoughtful apology, Shroff recalled, “I vividly remember that he had concluded his shoot for the day and was on his way home. Meanwhile, I still had some scenes left to film. Although seated in his car, he decided to return solely because he realized he hadn’t bid me goodbye. He came back and said, ‘I apologize for not saying goodbye earlier. If you require my presence, I’ll stay back.’ The moment left me nearly teary-eyed, though I composed myself. Working on a project where he’s the lead while we appear in guest roles has been an absolute delight. Throughout, we relished every moment as he showered us with affection and respect, treating us like his own family.”

The heartfelt incident underscores Rajinikanth’s exceptional character and underscores the camaraderie that Jackie Shroff and others share with the iconic actor. As their collaboration in “Jailer” took shape, it became evident that Rajinikanth’s superstar status is eclipsed only by his genuine kindness and consideration for those around him.

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