Hritik Roshan engages with fans on Vikram Vedha promotions

At the Alcoholia song launch ceremony in Mumbai, actor Hrithik Roshan danced with his supporters. Hrithik waited as a group of people entered the stage in a video that was posted online. Following that, they danced to a number of beats from his brand-new song Alcoholia from the forthcoming movie Vikram Vedha.

Hrithik was seen taking few steps in the video as the others followed him. He also showed the crowd how to sing the song’s steps. Additionally, he was heard shouting while dancing. Hrithik grinned as the video came to a finish and turned to face the audience.
Hrithik wore casual attire for the occasion, consisting of a blue shirt, white slacks, and a white T-shirt. Hrithik too sported a hat. He wore a crimson cotton towel over his neck in addition. In the Vikram Vedha song, Hrithik used a towel that was identical to this one.

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