Hema Malini Performs A Wonderful Ballet

In Mumbai on Sunday, Hema Malini wowed the crowd with a ballet that was inspired by the Ganges. During her freestyle dancing performance at the NCPA ground, which also included a few aerial tricks, Hema transformed into Ganga. Esha Deol, her actress daughter, has since written a letter praising Hema for her original theatrical performance.

Sharing a lovely photo of Hema Malini dancing in the air in a flowing blue and white gown, Esha tweeted, “Watched my mum @dreamgirlhema perform Ganga on stage. Absolutely remarkable performance, visually stunning with a very strong message on our environment and river restoration. Must watch her next show. Love you mamma.

She had already spoken with ANI about the dance performance, “I have performed different types of ballet dances around the world, and they have been liked by the public. We represent our culture by enacting characters from our mythology like Durga, and Radha Krishna in pure classical form. But, in this ballet on River Ganga, we can’t put a very classical dance. So, you get to see a very free style of beautiful dances.

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