Guneet Monga Talks About the Oscars and ‘The Elephant Whisperers’

The Elephant Whisperers, a film by Guneet Monga, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film, and she is now enjoying her success. She is, however, a little miffed that her address was interrupted just as she was starting to discuss India winning an Oscar. Even though she was stunned at the time, she stated that she has since resolved to return to yet another Oscars and speak up..

While being surprised at the time, she has since accepted the situation. She spoke to Bombay Times, “There was a shock on my face. I just wanted to say it’s India’s first Oscar in an Indian production, which is such a huge thing. My heart started racing as I couldn’t have come so far and not be heard.

“Western media is pulling up The Academy that I did not get to speak. People are so offended that I did not get the chance to deliver my speech. There are videos and tweets online expressing disappointment that I couldn’t get to speak. This was India’s moment taken away from me.”

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