George Clooney opens up the Best Batman debate AGAIN !!

Most commentators don’t consider George Clooney to be one of the contenders for the best Batman depiction. The actor, even if just in joke, disagrees. Ben Affleck, who played the famous superhero in the DC Extended Universe, had “nothing on him,” according to George, who recently referred to himself as the best Batman.

The actor can be heard cracking jokes about his time as Batman in a video from the event that The Hollywood Reporter posted on Twitter before claiming to be the best. He begins the video by saying, “You don’t look at performers and think about education. You don’t see me and assume he is intelligent. You simply think, “Oh, he’s the best Batman,” when you look at me. Before someone brings up Ben Affleck, the audience breaks into laughter at this moment. Ben Affleck? George replies. The best candidate is him. Ben Affleck, really?, he continues after pausing to gaze at the audience member who had first proposed Ben. He’s no match for me! Batman was portrayed by Ben Affleck.

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