Freeform Cancels ‘Single Drunk Female’ After Two Seasons: Sofia Black-D’Elia and Creator Express Gratitude

In a recent announcement, Freeform revealed its decision to cancel the series “Single Drunk Female” after two seasons, leaving fans disappointed. Sofia Black-D’Elia, the star of the show, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the viewers and those who approached her on the street to share their experiences and anecdotes. She conveyed her love and gratitude for their support.

“Single Drunk Female,” a Disney-owned network production, revolved around the life of Samantha Fink, portrayed by Black-D’Elia, a young woman battling alcoholism. After a public breakdown at a New York media company, Samantha’s only chance to turn her life around and avoid legal trouble was to move back home with her overbearing mother, Carol, played by Ally Sheedy. Set in Greater Boston, the series followed Samantha’s journey to overcome her self-destructive behavior and discover her true potential, albeit with some stumbling along the way.

Expressing her sadness over the cancellation, Black-D’Elia stated that she had thoroughly enjoyed working on the show and expressed her gratitude to everyone involved in its production. She acknowledged the dedication and efforts of the cast, crew, writers, and producers who brought the show to life. She emphasized the impact the series had on her and the fulfillment it brought to her career.

The creator of “Single Drunk Female,” Simone Finch, reflected on the whirlwind four-year journey of developing and bringing the show to audiences. She expressed her gratitude towards Freeform for believing in the story of Samantha Fink and the transformative power of sobriety. Finch also extended her appreciation to the entire team who played a vital role in realizing her vision. Additionally, she offered a message of hope and encouragement to those seeking sobriety, emphasizing that it is achievable and far more rewarding than any drunken day.

As fans bid farewell to “Single Drunk Female,” they cherish the impact the show had on their lives and express their gratitude to the talented cast and crew who brought the story to light. Despite its premature end, the series will be remembered for its exploration of personal growth and the challenges associated with addiction, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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