Florence Pugh joins the cast of “THE PACK “

The Pack, a psychological thriller directed and co-starring Swedish actor-director Alexander Skarsgard of Big Little Lies, will star Midsommar star Florence Pugh.

It is advertised as one of the hottest packages at the American Film Market the following week.


March of next year is when the filming is anticipated to begin. The movie follows a team of intrepid documentarians as they venture into Alaska’s wild areas in an effort to save a wolf species that is on the verge of extinction. Tensions rise as a devastating truth threatens to undo their labour when the crew is reunited at a big awards ceremony.


A “source” claims that Jennifer Fox will produce the original screenplay that Rose Gilroy wrote. The endeavour is reminiscent of the Fox-produced thriller “Nightcrawler.” Golden Globe and Emmy winners for “Big Little Lies” include director Skarsgard.

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