Filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri Criticizes Character Changes in OMG 2 and Calls for Elimination of Film Certification Board

Renowned filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has expressed strong dissent over the alterations made to Akshay Kumar’s character in the upcoming movie OMG 2. Agnihotri also advocated for the complete abolishment of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), asserting that its existence is unnecessary. In an exclusive conversation with, Agnihotri delved into his thoughts on censorship in the realm of cinema and television.

Agnihotri, who holds a position within the CBFC, clarified that he is not a member of the reviewing panel and has not yet had the opportunity to view the movie, scheduled for its premiere on August 11.

During the interview, when questioned about the rationale behind altering Akshay Kumar’s character from being Lord Shiva to a messenger of the Hindu God, Agnihotri vehemently disagreed with the decision. He remarked, “No, it is not justified. I don’t agree with that. First of all, even though I am a part of CBFC, I am totally against it. CBFC shouldn’t be pressurised to do anything. Whatever is happening, it’s happening because of social and religious pressures.” Agnihotri went on to express his view that the CBFC has become a vulnerable entity susceptible to external influences, implying that it capitulates under pressure.

Agnihotri further questioned the necessity of the CBFC’s involvement in deciding the creative direction of films. He puzzled over why a movie should be subjected to as many as 27 edits and questioned the CBFC’s authority in such matters.

Despite his association with the CBFC, Agnihotri boldly advocated for its complete dissolution. He affirmed his stance against boycotts and bans on films, asserting a staunch belief in the principles of free speech. He even extended this belief to include what might be categorized as hate speech, underlining that the filmmaker’s intentions should be the determining factor. “If the intention is not bad, let it go,” Agnihotri concluded.

As the release date of OMG 2 approaches, Agnihotri’s statements have ignited discussions about creative freedom, censorship, and the role of film certification boards in shaping cinematic narratives.

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