Director Jagan Aloysius gives fans a Preview of his upcoming movie ‘EVIL’

Even though the Tamil film industry has produced a number of horror thrillers, Jagan Aloysius’ upcoming film “Evil,” which is reminiscent of a Hollywood horror film, appears to be a promising one. The movie, which premiered on December 9, stars several well-known Kannada actors, including Jadi Akash, Nitya Raj, Jeeva, and Lavika. Director Jagan Aloysius provided some fascinating information about his upcoming film “Evil” in an exclusive interview with ETimes.

“The audience will have a completely different horror experience with Evil because I drew inspiration from some of the best Hollywood horror films and translated it for the Tamil audience “Director Jagan said.
When asked about the difficulties encountered during the shoot, Jagan Aloysius says, “We faced many difficulties while filming; for example, 30% of the movie was shot in a haunted location, and we were only given four days to do so.

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