Director Atlee Kumar Speaks at India Today Conclave Mumbai 2023

Insights on Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Jawan’ Success, and Social Responsibility in Filmmaking

At the India Today Conclave Mumbai 2023, celebrated filmmaker Atlee Kumar delved into a range of topics, including his collaboration with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan on the blockbuster hit “Jawan” and the actor’s widely-discussed monologue. During the event, Atlee was asked whether Shah Rukh Khan’s impactful voting speech from “Jawan” could be considered “anti-establishment.”

Addressing the question, Atlee shared, “No, it’s not anti-establishment. I’m merely expressing my emotions. I am a common man, a part of society, and I’m speaking about my feelings and the essence of the film. Interpret it as you will. It reflects the voice of the average Indian, a collective sentiment. I’m not pointing fingers, but I’m shedding light on real issues. It’s about understanding the importance of voting, knowing whom to vote for, and comprehending the process. It’s like providing a manual. This dialogue aims to resonate with the audience in a meaningful way. When a coach teaches a student how to score a goal, it’s not just for a game; it’s a lesson for life. So, I’d say, it’s a message for a lifetime.”

He went on to emphasize, “I’m also a part of the media, and I believe in creating entertainment with a sense of responsibility. If it’s just entertainment, I feel like I’m falling short of my duty. My aim is to capture genuine emotions, to shed light on what’s happening around us and how society is responding to it. I’m not singling out any specific issue, but I’m addressing real concerns. It’s about understanding the significance of voting, knowing how to vote, and having the knowledge. I’m just illustrating what responsibility entails.”

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