Dino Morea Excited To Work With Akhil Akkineni

Dino Morea is thrilled to have the chance to work with the outstanding cast from the south as he makes his Telugu debut with Agent. The actor will appear alongside Mammootty and Akhil Akkineni on screen.

Dino talks about working alongside the veteran actor and the well-known hero.,
“Mammootty is one of the biggest actors down south.It is always a learning day whenever you see him on sets, perform. You just look at his expressions and learn.Akhil is this super energetic person and it is great to be around him on set. And then of course, the director who’s given a film like Kick (2009) before.
The whole film is set in his mind and is
so good with his job.”

Further he added, “I play an agent who’s gone rogue.He’s quite a crazy guy, and an anti-hero.I am flaunting long hair and a beard.It has been nearly three years since I have seen my face without any facial hair.”

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