Diljit Dosanjh Not After Money or FAME!!

In a candid chat with Hindustan Times around his birthday, Diljit said he lives for pride and is happy doing the work he does best, singing and acting. “I live for pride. If I had cared about money, I would have done more films, more marriage shows, 4-5 Punjabi films every year. I never run after money. I always wanted to be famous ever since I was a kid. There is no limit to fame. I only want to do good work and enjoy my life. I am happy about whatever I am able to do and am grateful to God,” he says.

He responds, “I don’t have a job with a pension,” when asked if he too had life insurance. Every day I have to start over at work. I don’t have a job that is so secure. After all, where am I going to spend this cash? None of us will prolong our 60–70 year life expectancies.

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