Digital Rights of Ponniyin Selvan fetches a HUGE sum

In only a few days, Mani Ratnam’s “Ponniyin Selvan” will premiere on theatre screens. The eagerly awaited movie is indeed a filmmaker’s dream come true. The audience is anticipating the movie with bated breath, and now we learn that the digital rights to “Ponniyin Selvan” have been sold for an outrageous sum. According to reports, a well-known OTT platform purchased both of the “Ponniyin Selvan” segments in their entirety for a sum of Rs 125 crores.

The film’s satellite rights were also sold for a significant sum, and the big audio and trailer premiere was scheduled to air a week before the movie’s release. On September 30, “PS 1,” the first chapter of Ponniyin Selvan’s historical drama, will be released in five different languages. Additionally, the film’s theatrical distribution rights have been sold, and its creators recently revealed the distributors for each territory. The historical drama’s creators intend to tour the world to promote it.

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