Delhi High Court Puts a ‘Jhakaas’ Stop to Unauthorized Use of Anil Kapoor’s Persona for Profit

On Wednesday, the Delhi High Court prohibited using Anil Kapoor’s name, appearance, voice, and other persona traits—including the catchphrase “jhakaas”—for financial advantage. Ex-parte interim orders were issued by Justice Prathiba M. Singh against many websites and platforms in response to a case filed by the actor who claimed that his celebrity and personality rights had been improperly exploited for financial gain.Speaking on behalf of Kapoor, attorney Pravin Anand claimed that numerous websites and platforms have been abusing the plaintiff’s personality rights in a number of ways.

Anil Kapoor’s legal team mentioned the illegal sale of goods, fees being collected by utilizing his image as a motivational speaker, morphing his image in a negative way, selling photos with fake autographs, and the use of the “jhakaas” catchphrase, among other things.

The case aimed to defend Kapoor’s personality rights, including those relating to his name, voice, appearance, likeness, speaking style, and gesticulations, among other things.
Without a doubt, free speech is allowed, but Justice Singh noted that when it “crosses the line” and impairs or jeopardizes the rights of an individual’s personality, it would be unlawful.

It is not acceptable to use the plaintiff’s name, voice, conversation, or image in an unauthorized manner for profit. Court cannot remain silent about such personality abuse, Justice Singh ruled.”Defendants 1 to 16 are restrained from using… in any manner the plaintiff Anil Kapoor’s name, likeness, voice or any other attributes of his personality… for monetary gain or otherwise,” the court ruled.

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