Deepika Padukone’s Yoga Pose With A Question!!

International Yoga Day was on Wednesday, and nearly the whole film industry provided motivation to their followers by posting a glimpse of their yoga routines on social media. Deepika Padukone posted a picture of herself performing a yoga pose and asked her followers to identify it. Alia Bhatt was one of those who had the right response.

Deepika posted a selfie of herself on Instagram on Wednesday night, “How many of you know what this asana is called? #worldyogaday.” She was seen doing a yoga pose on the floor at home. She was in black gym wear.

In a response to Alia Bhatt’s post, she said, “Puppy pose” along with a nerd face emoji. RJ Abhinav joked, “Is it “Bed k neeche chappal phasi (slipper stuck under the bed)” aasan?” Gulshan Devaiah focused on other things and commented, “Nice wall paper.” A person wrote, “Downward Dog pose so relaxing!!” “Yoga teachers In California, USA call it Puppy pose,” wrote another.

A yoga expert begged to differ and wrote, “This is janu-vaksha asana aka knee to chest on ground pose. Really good for relaxing the spine. It is NOT puppy pose, downward dog, not apana not anything else. @deepikapadukone.” Giving it another name, a person explained its benefits as well. She wrote, “@deepikapadukone this is UTTANA SHISHOSANA which relieves tension from the glutes and lower back, reduce stress and anxiety, enhancing blood circulation, balancing hormones and reducing rigidity and tightness….. This is not a puppy pose or doggy pose… It’s a very good and important Yoga Asana for womens… Hope I’m right and you see it love.

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