Deepika Padukone Unveils Her Dynamic Cop Avatar ‘Shakti Shetty’ in Upcoming Rohit Shetty Blockbuster, ‘Singham Again’

In the highly anticipated film “Singham Again” directed by Rohit Shetty, the talented Deepika Padukone is set to take on a pivotal role that has the Bollywood community buzzing with excitement. Recently, the actress revealed her fierce cop persona, ‘Shakti Shetty,’ in a captivating Instagram post.

Sharing a sneak peek into her character’s fierce persona, Deepika Padukone uploaded two striking images. In the first, she can be seen with an intense expression, firmly grasping a handgun, and using her other hand to assertively hold a man by his hair. The background is ablaze, with the fiery spectacle hinting at the high-octane action viewers can expect. The photo is surrounded by wreckage and bodies, setting the tone for a gripping storyline. In the second image, Deepika Padukone flashed a confident smile while keeping the firearm close to her face, epitomizing her character’s unyielding determination.

The reveal of her cop look drew enthusiastic responses from several celebrities, including her husband, Ranveer Singh, who affectionately dubbed her ‘Lady Singham.’ He praised her by saying, “Aag laga degi (She will burn it down),” accompanied by a series of fire emojis. Janhvi Kapoor and Alia Bhatt also joined in the excitement, using exploding head and fire emojis to convey their admiration.

Ranveer Singh took his support to social media as well by sharing Deepika’s posters on Instagram and captioning them, “AALI RE AALI… LADY SINGHAM AALI !!!!! (Fire emojis) SHAKTI SHETTY has arrived in the Cop-verse!!!!!”

According to industry whispers circulating in Bollywood Hungama since August, Deepika Padukone’s role in “Singham Again” is expected to be a substantial one. Reportedly, she is tremendously excited about the film and has already begun extensive preparations for her action-packed role. This character is set to make her the first female cop in the Rohit Shetty Universe, further breaking stereotypes and redefining roles for women in the Indian film industry. Within the storyline, her character is envisioned as a formidable counterpart to Ajay Devgn’s iconic character, resembling a female version of “Singham” while evolving as his sister.

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