Deepika Padukone tries on the Lensa AI trend !!

Deepika Padukone appears to have caught on to the Lensa AI art trend that has been sweeping Instagram. The actor posted a few images of her AI-generated avatars on social media on Sunday night, and her followers liked them. Fans urged her to include some of her distinctive and fresh aesthetics into her upcoming endeavours, with many pushing her to next explore the sci-fi genre.

On Sunday, Deepika posted a carousel on Instagram with a number of her avatars made with the well-known Lensa software.p. “Il have them all…Thanks! Which one’s your favourite?! *sic),” she captioned ths post. The fourth image was a more elaborate rendition of the first, with Deepika donning a large floral headpiece. The first image showed her donning a floral headband with flowers and leaves all around her. The performer was once more wearing a crown and an expensive necklace in the third image, a black and white pencil sketch, and she was staring directly into the lens.

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