Deepika Padukone Discusses the Songs of Her Blockbuster Movie PATHAAN

For the first time, actress Deepika Padukone discussed the song Besharam Rang from her forthcoming movie Pathaan. In a YouTube video posted by Yash Raj Films, Deepika discussed how the song’s production team had to work under “extremely challenging conditions.” She referred to both tracks as “huge hits.” Deepika was asked to pick either Jhoome Ja Pathaan or Besharam Rang as her favourite song from the movie Pathaan.

Deepika answered the query by saying, “Both of the songs are my favourite. It’s very difficult to choose. They are both very different. For Besharam Rang, I had to work a lot harder. That’s sort of in a way my solo song. The location we were shooting at was really difficult. Even though the song looks really summery, bright and beautiful, it was actually freezing and extremely windy. So we were working in very very difficult conditions and still to sort of make it look like it was beautiful and sunny was the tough part.”

Watch the Video here

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