Decision To Part Ways With Manager Mutual , Says Rashmika Mandanna

Days after an online rumor claimed that actress Rashmika Mandanna had fired her manager for defrauding her of 80 lakh, the actor and her manager have finally issued a formal statement against the prevailing rumors. They have stated that they have decided to split ways amicably.Rashmika Mandanna’s team made it clear that she and her management made a mutual decision to separate ways. The actress and her manager actually agreed to part ways, according to a statement issued by the actress’ staff. The tone of the announcement emphasized how amicably they parted.

In an official statement, Rashmika and her manager underscored that they have no ill feelings for one another and denied the rumors that they were leaving. They reaffirmed their dedication to professionalism and disclosed their shared decision to follow separate career paths going forward. “There’s no negativity between us. We have decided to part ways amicably. There is no truth in the rumours about how we are parting ways. We are thorough professionals and have decided to work independently henceforth” Rashmika and her manager quoted late Thursday.

According to a recent Pinkvilla article, Rashmika’s manager defrauded her of 80 lakh. It cited an unnamed source as saying, “There is some chatter about Rashmika being duped of ₹80 lakh by her manager. Apparently, she didn’t want to create a scene about it. Therefore, she dealt with it on her own by firing her manager.”

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