Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger Explore New Collaborative Project

In a recent conversation with GQ, Hollywood icon Danny DeVito delved into the exciting prospects of reuniting with his fellow “Twins” co-star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a fresh creative endeavor.

DeVito unveiled that both he and Schwarzenegger are eager to join forces once more, setting their sights on a unique project that stands distinct from their memorable roles as fraternal twins in the 1988 comedy classic, “Twins.”

“We missed out on ‘Twins 2’ because he ventured into politics as a governor – although he should have done ‘Twins 2’ instead,” DeVito playfully remarked. “But now, we’ve got something brewing, a project we’ve been tossing ideas around for.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger famously served as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011. When asked if the new project had any connection to “Twins,” DeVito responded, “No, it’s simply two buddies, two pals who share great chemistry. We just have a blast together. I mean, I’m way stronger than he is.”

DeVito went on to divulge another exciting venture in the works, teaming up with Billy Crystal to craft a sequel to the 1987 crime comedy, “Throw Momma From the Train,” tentatively titled “Throw Papa From the Train.” Notably, this film marked DeVito’s debut as a theatrical director.

The conversation extended to DeVito’s involvement in the long-running series, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.” Regarding its future, DeVito revealed, “I adore working on ‘Sunny.’ We’ve already clocked in 16 years, and there’s a good chance we’ll be going on even further.”

Touching upon the SAG-AFTRA strike, DeVito expressed his hope for a swift resolution, saying, “I’m keeping my fingers crossed that our actors’ strike will end soon because several projects are currently at a standstill. As soon as they finalize those contracts – or however you spell it – I’ll be ready to do ‘Matilda Live.'”

At present, Danny DeVito graces the Broadway stage in the production of “I Need That,” sharing the spotlight with his daughter, Lucy DeVito.

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