Daniel Radcliffe Addresses Speculation Amid MCU’s X-Men Reboot

In light of ongoing speculation about Daniel Radcliffe’s potential role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s X-Men reboot, the actor responds to the rumors.

Rumors have been circulating that Daniel Radcliffe might be considered for a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s upcoming X-Men reboot. The speculations stem from Radcliffe’s recent physical transformation, fueling the belief that he could be in the running to portray Wolverine, a character previously played by Hugh Jackman in the original X-Men films. Marvel Studios is set to reintegrate the X-Men into the MCU after reacquiring the rights to the mutant superhero team.

To shed light on these rumors, Radcliffe was asked during a recent lie detector test for Vanity Fair if he was the source of the Wolverine speculation. His response was a firm denial. When humorously questioned about his newfound physical prowess, Radcliffe explained, “I got buff because I am obsessive, and I want to…you’ve seen my parents, they’re like insane fitness people. So that’s just been passed on…but no, no Wolverine. Flattered, but no.”

The uncertainty surrounding the SAG-AFTRA strike adds another layer of intrigue. Whether Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine after “Deadpool 3” (currently on pause) or if another actor will step into the iconic character’s shoes in the MCU remains to be seen. Despite Radcliffe’s denial, the secrecy surrounding MCU casting decisions means that fans may have to wait for Marvel Studios to make an official announcement regarding the next Wolverine in their X-Men reboot.

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