Criticism Mounts as Bawaal Faces Backlash for Controversial Auschwitz Scene

Headline: “Criticism Mounts as Bawaal Faces Backlash for Controversial Auschwitz Scene; Jewish Organization Calls for Film’s Removal”

In a recent uproar, the film “Bawaal,” featuring Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, has come under fire from some viewers due to a scene that draws parallels to Auschwitz, the infamous Nazi concentration camp. The movie’s portrayal of the Holocaust has been deemed offensive and insensitive, leading a prominent Jewish organization to issue an open letter urging Prime Video to take down the film.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC), a human rights organization dedicated to preserving the memory of Holocaust victims, has voiced its concerns over the film’s inappropriate use of the Nazi Holocaust as a mere plot device. Directed by renowned Indian filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari, “Bawaal” unfolds in a contemporary setting, with the protagonists finding themselves inside a gas chamber at Auschwitz while wearing striped clothing, facing suffocation.

The movie also equates Hitler to a metaphor for human greed, with the main character likening themselves to the notorious dictator, saying, “We’re all a little like Hitler, aren’t we?” Rabbi Abraham Cooper of SWC expressed strong condemnation towards the film and its director, emphasizing that Auschwitz should never be used as a metaphor, but rather serves as a chilling reminder of the depths of human cruelty.

By trivializing and demeaning the suffering and systematic murder of millions during the Holocaust, the film has struck a nerve within the global community, prompting a call for its removal from the streaming platform. The controversy surrounding “Bawaal” continues to escalate, raising important discussions about responsible and respectful storytelling in the entertainment industry.

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