Creative Differences Lead to Ranveer Singh’s Exit from ‘Rakshas’

Mythri Movie Makers and Singh Acknowledge Timing Issues

Ranveer Singh’s highly anticipated collaboration with Mythri Movie Makers for the mythological drama “Rakshas,” directed by Prasanth Varma of “Hanuman” fame, has been unexpectedly shelved. Despite initial excitement and significant pre-production investments, Singh has decided to step away from the project.

The decision followed a brief promo shoot in Hyderabad, during which Singh reportedly felt out of sync with the South Indian filmmaking style. According to a source, “He wasn’t able to picture himself in the filmmaking format of South Cinema.” Singh returned to Mumbai ahead of schedule, citing personal reasons, before informing the makers of his departure. The official confirmation from the studio, however, cited “creative differences” as the primary reason for the split.

This development came as a shock to the production team, who had heavily invested in the project’s promotional efforts and pre-production. Despite attempts by the producers to salvage the collaboration, Singh remained resolute in his decision to exit.

Official statements from Singh, Varma, and Mythri Movie Makers all point to an amicable separation, emphasizing mutual respect and hope for future collaborations. Ranveer Singh stated, “Prasanth is a very special talent… Hopefully, we will collaborate on something exciting in the future.” Varma also praised Singh’s talent and echoed the sentiment of future partnership.

Mythri Movie Makers acknowledged the situation, stating, “Everyone’s intentions were right, but sometimes things aren’t meant to be at that time.” Despite the setback, both parties have expressed a commitment to working together on future projects.

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