Comedic Maestro Ayushmann Khurrana Joins Forces with Ananya Panday for ‘Dream Girl 2’

A Rib-Tickling Sequel Set to Hit Theatres Soon!

Ayushmann Khurrana, the acclaimed virtuoso of humor, is on the cusp of unveiling his highly anticipated cinematic gem, Dream Girl 2, in just a matter of weeks. Teaming up with the effervescent actress Ananya Panday for the very first time, this upcoming comedy drama promises to be a barrel of laughs. Serving as a spiritual successor to Khurrana’s 2019 hit, Dream Girl, the sequel carries forward the legacy of uproarious entertainment.

In the original film, Ayushmann Khurrana masterfully portrayed a quirky call center agent who ingeniously manipulated his vocal prowess to captivate clients. Adopting the alluring identity of ‘Pooja’, his uncanny ability to modulate his voice wowed audiences and elevated him to iconic status. As the countdown to the sequel’s release gathers momentum, Khurrana has graciously divulged intriguing insights into his preparation for the much-anticipated role.

Opening up in a recent ANI interview, Ayushmann Khurrana delved into the meticulous process of metamorphosing into the enigmatic character of Pooja. Adding a humorous anecdote to the mix, he recounted a time from his past when he playfully assumed a woman’s persona to prank his first girlfriend. With a chuckle, he reminisced, “My days as a radio jockey and my theatre experiences played a pivotal role, particularly in this project. I have a history of making prank calls in a feminine guise during my radio stint. I vividly remember amusingly impersonating my girlfriend’s female friend on the telephone, especially when her father answered the call.”

In terms of distinguishing the sequel from its predecessor, Ayushmann Khurrana shed light on the collaborative vision shared with Ekta Kapoor, the creative force behind the franchise. Khurrana expressed, “Ekta and I were committed to injecting even more hilarity into the sequel, and I’m thrilled to say that we’ve unequivocally achieved that goal. Think of it as a resounding version 2.0, an embodiment of double the fun.”

The recently unveiled trailer of Dream Girl 2 has left audiences in splits, with its ingenious dialogues and uproarious plot twists providing a tantalizing glimpse of the impending laughter extravaganza. Just yesterday, the film’s first musical offering, “Dil Ka Telephone 2.0,” was unleashed, elevating the buzz around the movie to stratospheric heights. Beyond the dynamic lead duo, the ensemble cast includes esteemed talents such as Paresh Rawal, Vijay Raaz, Annu Kapoor, Rajpal Yadav, Seema Pahwa, Manjot Singh, and Abhishek Banerjee, among others. The cinematic reins are expertly guided by director Raaj Shaandilyaa, with production helmed by the indomitable duo of Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. The laughter-packed extravaganza is poised to grace theaters on the much-anticipated date of August 25, setting the stage for an uproarious cinematic spectacle like no other.

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