Calls for Boycotting James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water

The movie is a fictional depiction of North and South America’s early colonial history, as James Cameron had previously indicated. Many online users are now accusing James Cameron of exploiting Avatar 2: The Way of Water to advance a white man’s savior complex.

For instance, Native American civil rights lawyer Brett Chapman claims that the movies, “a White saviour story at its core and James Cameron said the Lakota should have “fought harder” with the foresight that their descendants would all be suicidal. I won’t be seeing the new one. It does nothing for Native Americans but suck oxygen for itself at our expense.”

Strong language about the plot and plotline of Avatar: The Way of Water. Influential Native American Yue tweeted, “Join Natives and other Indigenous groups around the world in boycotting this horrible and racist film. Our cultures were appropriated in a harmful manner so as to satisfy some white man’s savior complex.”

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