Boney Kapoor Breaks Silence on Sridevi’s Tragic Demise, Denies Responsibility

In a groundbreaking revelation, Boney Kapoor has broken his silence on the tragic death of legendary actress Sridevi, addressing longstanding allegations that he was somehow responsible for her untimely demise. In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, Boney Kapoor vehemently denied any involvement in her death, asserting that it was an accident, not a result of foul play.

During the Dubai police’s thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Sridevi’s passing, Kapoor revealed that he willingly cooperated and underwent a battery of tests. He disclosed that he had been subjected to intense scrutiny and that the Indian media had exerted significant pressure on the case.

Responding to the accusations leveled against him, Kapoor stated, “It was not a natural death; it was an accidental death. I had decided not to speak about it because I spoke about it for almost 24 or 48 hours together when I was being investigated and interrogated. That is how I got a clean chit from the Dubai police. In fact, the officers said we had to go through this because there was a lot of pressure from Indian media. Well, I said I have nothing more to say than what I have been saying. And they discovered there was no foul play. I went through all the tests, including lie detector tests and all those things. And then, of course, the report which came clearly stated it was accidental death by drowning.”

Kapoor went on to discuss Sridevi’s health, shedding light on how her crash diets had impacted her well-being. According to him, Sridevi’s family doctor had consistently advised against strict dieting. Kapoor explained, “She used to hunger frequently because she wanted to appear attractive. She would make sure that she is chiselled and in good shape, so that on-screen, she looks good,” highlighting the lengths to which she went to maintain her screen presence. Kapoor also revealed that Sridevi had, at times, even avoided salt in her pursuit of a certain physique.

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