Bollywood Star’s Hilarious Surprise Encounter with Nawazuddin in a Sari on Sets of ‘Haddi’

Ila Arun, a singer and actor, will return to the big screen in a transsexual capacity. She claims that among men and transgender people on set, she was the only cis woman playing Amma in the Nawazuddin Siddiqui-starring movie Haddi. The vengeance drama’s narrative, in which Nawazuddin’s character exacts retribution on those responsible for Amma’s death, was made clear by the movie’s trailer. And Ila admitted that when she first saw Nawazuddin dressed as a woman, she was briefly unable to recognize him.

In an interview, Ila discussed her experience working with transgender people for Haddi and how they all made an effort to dance to her popular songs to welcome her to the set.
She eloborates her character in haddi by saying:
Amma is very close to Nawazuddin’s character. She has given him strength and he cares for her and that’s why he goes on to avenge her death. Each group of transgenders has an Amma, who is also a transgender. I’m the only woman in the film. Others are either males or transgenders or there are people who have changed their sex. Amma is like a Durga…she is emotional and she’s very powerful.

She revealed her feelings after seeing Nawazuddin dressed in a sari when she questioned her about it: I still remember when nobody had told me and I turned around, said hi and thought, who is this woman? And it was Nawaz. I couldn’t recognise him because there were so many transgenders decked up all over. So it took me a minute and then I laughed. He looks so beautiful on set and has worked so hard. It was difficult to recognise him even though I know him in and out.

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