Bobby Deol Reveals Heartfelt Bond with Salman Khan and the Journey to ‘Race 3’ Stardom

In a heartwarming revelation, actor Bobby Deol opened up about his remarkable journey in the film industry during a recent episode of “Koffee With Karan 8.” The episode, aptly titled “A Sunny side up and a dash of Bobby with your koffee,” shed light on Bobby Deol’s career ups and downs and his profound connection with Salman Khan.

During the candid conversation with host Karan Johar, Bobby Deol shared how his darkest career period led to a pivotal moment when Salman Khan extended a helping hand by casting him in “Race 3.” Bobby expressed his deep gratitude, saying, “Salman [Khan] has always been there. He is completely in love with my dad [Dharmendra]. The bond they share is just amazing; he [Salman Khan] has so much respect for him [Dharmendra]. He has this obsessive love for my dad and my family. He is one guy who has got no insecurity.”

Bobby Deol went on to reveal the story of how he secured the role of Yash in Salman Khan’s “Race 3.” He recounted, “One day Salman [Khan] told me, ‘Dekh jab mera career thik nahi chal raha tha, main tere bhai ke peeth pad chad gaya tha, main aage badha, main Sanjay Dutt ke peeth par chad gaya, main aage badha.’ [When my career was struggling, I climbed on your brother’s back [Sunny Deol] and Sanjay Dutt’s back to move forward].” Notably, Bobby Deol and Salman Khan fondly refer to each other as “mamu,” a testament to their close relationship.

Bobby Deol humorously recalled a conversation that eventually led to his casting in “Race 3,” stating, “So then he [Salman Khan] remembered that and after a couple of years, I got a phone call from him, and he said, ‘Mamu shirt utarega?’ I said, ‘Haan mamu main kuch bhi karunga.’ So, that’s how I got Race. [Mamu, will you take your shirt off? I said, ‘Mamu, I will do anything].'”

This heartwarming conversation between Bobby Deol and Salman Khan underscores the power of genuine friendships in the entertainment industry and the unwavering support that actors can provide to one another during challenging times.

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