Babil Khan Talks About Dealing With Nepotistic Privilege

The late actor Irrfan’s son Babil Khan was introduced by a major studio, and he did not choose the lead character in his debut movie, Qala. This is a result of his attempts to break free from his privileges and make his way in the industry.

“I am not trying to battle any questions that come with privilege. I have experienced privilege in my life, why must I hide from that truth? Instead I try to stay true to my sense of morality and the values of my upbringing in the use of that privilege,” Babil says.

He continues, “To use privilege as a short cut to success is not our way, but to utilise privilege to grow and evolve is essential. This notion arises within me from the understanding that life gives you privilege as an opportunity and the way you put that opportunity into effect is the test of your character.

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