Avatar: The Way Of Water Reportedly Made A Profit Of More Than $500M

According To Deadline James Cameron’s Sequel To Record breaking Avatar(2009 ) – Avatar: The Way Of water Has raked in more than $500M in profits. As the third highest-grossing movie of all time with $2.3 billion, behind Avatar‘s $2.9 billion and Avengers: Endgame‘s $2.79 billion, Deadline sources deem Avatar: The Way of Water profitable with $531.7 million.

Avatar: The Way of Water‘s opening was nothing to ding, though it was lower than many Marvel films and slow out of the gate. Initial projections had the pic at $500M worldwide (it opened at $441.7M globally) and domestic between $150M-$175M (the movie opened at $134.1M in the U.S. and Canada).No filmmaker in the history of Hollywood has had three movies among the top 20 highest-grossing movies of all time, let alone the top 10. Not even Steven Spielberg as a director (you have to go to Jurassic Park at No. 32 with $1.1 billion). Cameron now has three of the top four.

The Way of Water later secured a host of accolades, earning four nominations at the 95th Academy Awards, winning for Best Visual Effects and securing nods for Best Picture, Best Sound and Best Production Design. Additionally, the adventure tentpole received two Golden Globe nominations and two Annie Award wins. Critics widely praised The Way of Water for providing a highly immersive experience, crediting the performances of its cast but largely hailing the technology that made it visually appealing.

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