Avatar 3 will depict a Darker Side of the Na’vi says James Cameron

The third entry in the popular “Avatar” series, according to director James Cameron, would include a third clan from Pandora that reveals the Na’vi people’s darker side.

Moviegoers are introduced to two distinct Na’vi clans in “Avatar” and “Avatar: The Way of Water,” the forest-dwelling Omaticaya and the water-dwelling Metkayina.

Both tribes live peaceful lives and only use force to defend their territory from invading humans. But as viewers quickly discover, not all Na’vi are good Na’vi. James Cameron revealed the title of the following instalment to France’s 20 Minutes (via Total Film).

According to Cameron, “Avatar 3” will “distinct from the cultures I’ve already illustrated. The “Ash People” will stand in for the fire. Since I have only so far shown the positive aspects of the Na’vi, I wish to present them in a different light.” The director said, “In the early films, there are very horrible human instances and very positive Na’vi examples.

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