Argentinian Actress Silvina Luna Passes Away After Prolonged Battle with Plastic Surgery Complications

Renowned Argentine actress, model, and television host Silvina Luna has passed away following an extended battle with health complications linked to a plastic surgery procedure. The 43-year-old star had been grappling with kidney failure since 2011.

Her attorney, Fernando Burlando, confirmed her demise, revealing that the decision to disconnect her from life support was made by her family upon the advice of medical professionals, who deemed intubation necessary once more.

In an emotional Instagram post, actor Gustavo Conti, a close friend of Silvina Luna, expressed his profound love and grief, stating, “We’ve always loved you; we’ll always love you; we’ve traversed the same paths; you will forever reside in my heart as my chosen family.”

According to reports by the Buenos Aires Times, the untimely passing of Ms. Luna, at just 43 years old, is both shocking and, unfortunately, not entirely unexpected. She had been battling severe health issues for a considerable period and had been in and out of medical facilities for some time. The root cause of most of her health problems could be traced back to a toxic substance administered during a cosmetic surgery procedure performed years ago by Dr. Anibal Lotocki, a disgraced medical practitioner now facing legal consequences for medical malpractice.

While fatalities resulting from complications during or following plastic surgery are generally considered rare, recent years have witnessed a number of tragic deaths linked to these elective procedures.

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