AR Rahman Urges Kamal Haasan to Venture into Hollywood Cinema During Academy Museum Visit

Renowned Indian composer AR Rahman recently revealed in an exclusive interview with The Hindu that he had encouraged actor Kamal Haasan to explore Hollywood filmmaking. The revelation came to light after the duo’s visit to the prestigious Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles this July, during which they shared their thoughts on the global film industry.

Recalling their interaction at the Academy Museum, AR Rahman expressed his belief that Kamal Haasan had the potential to make a mark in Hollywood. “I feel like he got trapped in this industry over the years. It’s a good thing for us; but for him… I don’t know. 20 years ago, when he had the money, he should have just gone to Hollywood and made a film there. As an experiment perhaps, without worrying about success or failure. He can still do it actually. That’s what I told him now; to make an English film just for the heck of it and not be judgmental about it,” Rahman stated.

The two icons, who have collaborated on various musical endeavors, shared glimpses of their visit on social media. Kamal Haasan posted a picture on Instagram and even treated fans to a video showcasing their time at the museum. “Boys in the wood !! Found a young man who is older than I am, and that’s why I keep young company. @arrahman,” Kamal playfully captioned the post. The video also highlighted their camaraderie as they reminisced about AR Rahman’s historic Oscar-winning moment.

Rahman reciprocated the sentiment in his own social media post, humorously describing their encounter. “One G.O.A.T watching another G.O.A.T at the academy museum,” he wrote, sharing a photo of Kamal Haasan engrossed in a viewing of “The Godfather.”

The visit to the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures not only provided an opportunity for these two legends to reflect on their careers but also ignited discussions about the possibilities of cross-border cinematic ventures. With AR Rahman’s encouragement, Kamal Haasan might just consider taking the plunge into Hollywood, bringing his unique cinematic vision to an even broader global audience.

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