Anushka Made Huge Sacrifices For Vamika , Says Virat Kohli

Anushka Sharma, who is also an actress, was mentioned by Virat Kohli in a recent interview as having made “huge sacrifices” over the past two years as a mother. The cricketer claimed that after observing Anushka’s way of living, he realised that ‘whatever problems he had were nothing’

Chatting with his wife and kid about “the past two years,” Virat said all that really important was that ‘your family loves you for who you are’.

“The way things have been in the past two years, we have had our child and, as a mother, the sacrifices that she made have been massive. Looking at her, I realised whatever problems I had were nothing. As far as expectations are concerned, as long as your family loves you for who you are, you don’t expect much because that is the basic requirement,” Virat said during his recent RCB (Royal Challengers Bangalore) podcast.

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