Anupam Kher Celebrating Satish Kaushik’s Birthday

Satish Kaushik’s birth anniversary is being honored on Thursday “in a grand way” by late friend and actor Anupam Kher. With music, love, and laughter, Satish’s loved ones will commemorate his life. Anupam has written a statement and assembled a photo collage of himself and his family with Satish and his family in advance of the event.

Along with the video montage, Anupam Kher posted on social media.
, “Happy Birthday Satish! My dear friend Satish Kaushik! Wish you a very happy birthday! Today on Baisakhi you would have turned 67. But for 48 years of your life I had the privilege of celebrating your birthday. So I have decided that this evening we will try to celebrate your birthday in a grand way! The seat beside Shashi and Vanshika will be vacant. Come my friend and watch us celebrate…”

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