Another Kim Kardashian Video goes VIRAL!!!

Kim Kardashian, a TV personality, online star, and businesswoman, is once more making headlines for her fashion choices. She recently visited Milan Fashion Week and, although not even walking the runway, made headlines for her ultra-tight glittery attire. Because of her body-con dress, she posted a comical behind-the-scenes video of herself finding it difficult to move and climb stairs.

Kim came in a Dolce Gabbana outfit and high heels in the video. She was observed bouncing up stairs while wearing the dress, in addition to having trouble walking straight. She used a railing as support as she climbed by clinging to it. She encountered a comparable issue when attempting to enter her automobile..

On social media, the video has suddenly become quite popular. While some admirers praised her commitment to fashion, others just referred to it as “fashion tourture.”

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