Annu Kapoor Expresses Displeasure Over OTT Content Dominance, Calls for Responsible Filmmaking

Renowned Actor Annu Kapoor Voices Concerns on the Prevalence of OTT Content, Advocates Responsible Filmmaking

In a recent interview, Annu Kapoor raised eyebrows with his remarks on director Nitish Tiwari, questioning, “uski aukaat kya hai?” while commenting on Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s Ramayana project. However, the veteran star’s frustration seems to extend beyond this incident, as he expresses discontent with the dominance of OTT content in the entertainment industry. Kapoor associated digital platforms solely with vulgar content and nudity, igniting a heated discussion on the subject.

The actor is set to make a comeback with the iconic show ‘Antakshri,’ but this time on radio. During the promotion of his latest project, he delved into various controversial topics, including his thoughts on OTT platforms.

Speaking to, Annu Kapoor said, “OTT is another platform connected to film-making. It allows creators to be more open, but this openness often leads to an increase in objectionable content. OTT is not restricted, and the more explicit the content, the more viewers it attracts. However, OTT is not limited in scope; the big players behind it have vast financial resources. One wonders if this is public money or from some other source.”

The actor continued with a strong tone, “Society needs to be fashioned in a way that allows individuals to decide what they want to watch or not. The day we decide as a society that we don’t want to see nudity or hear obscenities, that OTT content will lose its appeal. These OTT platforms have no standing; they have no real worth; they are nothing.”

Kapoor didn’t spare streaming giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video either, remarking, “Even Netflix and Amazon, without any reins on them, will spread chaos if not controlled. They exploit the freedom of expression, using it as a guise to promote filth.”

On the professional front, Annu Kapoor is gearing up for his appearance in Dream Girl 2. However, it seems that his concerns about the impact of OTT content on society remain at the forefront of his mind.

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