Anil Kapoor shares a cute photo with Sunita Kapoor

Anil Kapoor, an actor, posted photos of himself and his wife Sunita Kapoor on Instagram. On Wednesday, he sent her several gorgeous images. In matching black attire, they both looked their best.

Anil and Sunita appeared as a pair in the photos wearing identical clothing. Anil chose a black pajama and a kurta with floral designs. Sunita appeared in a dark outfit with thick borders. She completed her outfit with a necklace and earrings that matched. Henna used to adorn her hands.

In addition, she had a watch in her hand. In the photos, they were both beaming broadly. In one of the images, Anil smiled as he turned to meet his wife. Sunita gripped Anil’s arm while maintaining a direct gaze for the camera. In a different image, they were both grinning indoors. Additionally, Anil shared some of his own photos in which he made natural poses.

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